A Guide For Health Screening for Women in Singapore

Health screening is important for women in Singapore as it allows for early detection of health issues. This, in turn, allows early treatment which leads to better health outcomes for you. Regular screenings such as mammograms for breast cancer and pap smears for cervical cancer are recommended if you are at increased risk. Overall, health screening is an important tool for maintaining good health and preventing the progression of serious health conditions in women.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Singapore. The likelihood of an average woman contracting breast cancer in her life is 5%. This may increase if you have certain risk factors.

How to screen for breast cancer?

  • Regular mammograms are the recommended way to detect breast cancer before lumps can be felt.
  • Breast Self-Examination (BSE) is a breast examination which can be done by a woman herself. This should be done from age 30 and can help women detect changes in their breast that may arise in the interval between regular mammograms.

How often should breast screening be done?

For women in the normal risk groups:

Women above 50 yearsScreening every 2 years is recommended
Women between 40 to 49 yearsAnnual screening is recommended
Women below 40 years​There is no need for women with normal risk to go for screening

For women in the high risk groups

High risk women can be classified as having a history of:

  • Breast cancer in several close family members
  • Other cancers, such as cancer of the ovary, colon and breast cancer, in members of the same family
  • Breast cancer in a close relative under the age of 40

You should consult your doctor regarding the frequency of screening if you fall in the high risk group.

Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is the 4th most common cancer among Singaporean women. Cervical cancer is defined as the cancer of the cervix, which is the neck of the womb.

Are you at higher risk of cervical cancer?

You are at higher risk if you:

  • Have sexual intercourse at an early age
  • Have multiple sexual partners
  • Have a history of sexually transmitted infections
  • Are infected with a certain kind of viral warts (HPV infection)
  • Are HIV positive
  • Have a weakened immune system
  • Smoke cigarettes

Conversely, you have a lower risk of cervical cancer if you have never had sexual intercourse.

Should I screen for cervical cancer?

  • Women who have had sexual intercourse and between the age of 25 to 65 years can consider doing a PAP smear every three years.
  • HIV positive women may consider doing a PAP smear annually.
  • If you have never had sex before, you do not need to do a PAP smear. However, if you have any abnormal vagina discharge, please consult a doctor.

Protection against Human papillomavirus (HPV) / Cervical Cancer

  • Females should also consider getting themselves vaccinated against the HPV virus which can lead to cervical cancer.
  • Eligible individuals may receive vaccination subsidies. For more information, please visit our women’s health page.

Price of PAP Smear

  • Our PAP smear starts from $60 before GST.

Why do your health screening at Advantage Medical?

  • Friendly Service: Book your health screening quickly with us through WhatsApp or Phone. You may also talk to our friendly doctor or staff about any queries. We are happy to understand and address your concerns.
  • Female Doctors: We have friendly female doctors available for consultation. Please talk to our friendly staff to arrange for an appointment.
  • Follow Up Consultation: You may ask questions related to your screening after the screening. Our doctor will go through your results to ensure you understand your report well.

Information adapted from MOH.