Discover the Latest Packages and Services at Advantage Medical Group’s Guthrie Branch!

Are you looking for comprehensive healthcare solutions tailored to your needs? Advantage Medical Group is thrilled to introduce our latest packages and services at our Bukit TImah Branch (Guthrie House), designed to enhance your well-being and provide personalised care.

New Packages

From basic wellness checks to comprehensive screenings for specific conditions, our packages cater to individuals of all ages and health backgrounds. Take charge of your health today and book your screening with us!

Our new Health Screening packages address the most common concerns and questions we get regarding our Health Screening.

  • Heart Health
    • Cardiovascular Health is now the central focus in our new ULTIMATE Men/Women Package (Starting $2408 SGD) with an inclusion of a Treadmill Cardiac Stress Test, CT calcium score (to check for calcification/blockages in the coronary arteries). On top of this, a CT Lung scan is also included as a gold standard screen for lung cancer, as well as a DEXA scan to check for bone density.
    • Click here to find out more about our new ULTIMATE Men/Women Health screening package
  • Cancer Screening
    • Our new Cancer Screening Package (Starting $1308 SGD) includes 6 cancer markers, MiRXES GASTROClear (Gastric Cancer Risk Screening), 3 to 4 Solid Organ Ultrasounds, as well as a PAP smear for women (not required for men) making it our most comprehensive cancer screening.
    • You may choose to add on LucenceINSIGHT™ Multi-Cancer Screening 12 Cancer package at an additional $2200 SGD or 50 cancer screen at an additional $4400 SGD. LucenceINSIGHT™ is a pioneering Multi-Cancer Screening technology that is able to detect 12 to 50 cancers via one blood draw BEFORE symptoms of cancer start to show. 
    • It does so by detecting cancer-associated alterations circulating in your blood, allowing it to detect early stage cancers ahead of traditional means of cancer screening like tumour markers or scans. Early screening and detection leads to better outcomes.


The 50 cancers that can be detected are as below:

Contact us to find out more. LucenceINSIGHT™ is available in all clinic branches.

  • Men and Women Wellness
    • Our new and improved Comprehensive Health Screening (Starting $458 SGD) includes Ultrasound Prostate Screening for the Men and Ultrasound Breast OR Mammogram screening (depending on age) for women.
    • Our Men and Women Wellness packages (starting $728 SGD) includes up to  3 Ultrasounds, a Chest X-ray for Lung Cancer screening, a Fundus Eye test (Retina Scan), as well as a PAP smear for women. 

New Services

In addition to our existing services, we’re proud to introduce several new offerings at our Guthrie branch:

  • Health Workshops: Join our informative health workshops to learn more about managing chronic conditions, improving your lifestyle, and enhancing your overall health. Stay tuned for our upcoming workshop schedule!
  • Corporate Health Programs: We now offer customised health programs for corporate clients, including health screenings, wellness workshops, and employee health assessments. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your organisation’s health and wellness initiatives: [email protected]
  • Travel Vaccinations: If you are travelling to countries where Yellow Fever Vaccination is compulsory (e.g Africa, South America and so on) our Bukit Timah Branch is now a licensed provider of Yellow Fever Vaccine. We also dispense Altitude Sickness Pills as well as some Malaria Prevention Pills for your travel needs.

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For more information about our new packages and services, as well as our existing offerings, visit our website at Advantage Medical Group. Schedule your appointment online and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you!