Healthier SG: One Resident, One Family Doctor

In a nutshell, the Healthier SG Programme seeks to motivate residents to enrol under a Primary Care Doctor who will manage their health on a holistic level. This includes management of their physical and mental health, lifestyle habits (such as smoking and diet) and also preventative care. The first visit, which will be free of charge, the Primary Care Doctor will detail a health plan that can include diet & exercise regimen and reinfoice regular health screening and vaccinations required.


Healthier SG will start in the 2nd half of 2023 for those aged 60 and above.


When notified by your MOH SMS you may make your appointment with us via your HealthHub App. Residents will get fully subsidised vaccinations and screenings at your enrolled clinic. We are mindful that some residents may have issues using the Healthhub application, or making appointments. We will update with the necessary resources or helpful hotlines when more information is made known to us.

For now:

Our doctors here are Advantage Medical are ready to support Singapore’s transition from sick care to preventive care under the guidance of the Ministry of Health (MOH). We will continue to update our practice as they announce more details surrounding subsidies for important health screening and vaccinations.

Our clinics continue to support current ongoing subsidies for:

1) CHAS / Merdeka / Pioneer Generation card holders for affordable consultation and medications for acute and chronic illnesses.

2) Screen for life subsidies for National Screening programmes for early detection of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, cervical cancer and colon cancer.

3) Nationally recommended vaccinations for adults: Including Influenza, pneumococcal, hepatitis B, chicken pox, mumps measles and rubella vaccines, etc

4) Baby and Child Vaccines

5) Early Childhood Developmental Check Ups (Growth and Developmental Milestones)

For more details surrounding the Healthier SG initiative, read the white paper at Healthier SG.