How to prepare for your Health Screening Appointment with Advantage Medical

Thank you for choosing Advantage Medical for your Health Screening journey.

Before your Health Screening


  1. You are not required to fast for our health screening packages unless you have an appointment for Ultrasound of the Liver or Abdomen.
  2. If you are scheduled for a Liver or Abdomen Ultrasound, please fast for 4-6 hours before your scan.
  3. Try to avoid alcohol consumption on the day before the blood test if possible.

Health Screening Day

Please bring the following along:

  1. Your identification card
  2. If you wear glasses, please bring them along for your visual test
  1. Please arrive at your appointment 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time.
    1. For guided directions to our clinic, please click here.

After your Health Screening

  1. Your results will be ready within 72 hours. Our staff will arrange for a review for you with our doctor either face to face or via teleconsultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long will the health screening take?

Answer: Blood tests only should not take more than 30-60mins in our clinics. If you are scheduled for an ultrasound, it might take longer.

Question: What if i am feeling unwell?

Answer: We suggest pushing back your appointment to a later date. Feel free to whatsapp our staff at 87840093 to book a new date, or ask us if you are suitable to proceed as planned.

Question: Can i undergo Health Screening on my period?

Answer: Yes you may proceed with the blood tests as planned. We will pass you the urine collection bottle for you to submit the urine sample when your period is over at no extra cost.

Question: Do i really not need to fast before my blood tests? Wont it affect my blood test results?

Answer: Our tests are specifically chosen to allow non-fasting options for your convenience and reduce the risks of low blood sugar and dehydration. Therefore, eating or drinking will NOT significantly affect the accuracy of your blood test results [1]. Read about our local polyclinics adopting the same policies here.

Question: How often should I undergo health screening?

Answer: Health screening can be done regularly as an annual medical check up or once in two to three years, depending on an individual’s age and risk factors [2]. Please feel free to speak to our doctor to understand more.

Reference: Phoon IKY, Koh YLE, Guo X, Usha S, Tan NC. Compatibility between an overnight fasting and random cholesterol tests in Asians. Sci Rep. 2021 Mar 19;11(1):6478.
Reference: MOH’s Health Screening Guidelines.