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Benefits for Singaporeans and PRs?


Health Plan Consultation

All Singaporeans & Permanent Residents are eligible for an initial free Health Plan Consultation. At your initial onboarding visit, you will consult our doctor to go through your Personalised Health Plan. 

Upon completion, residents will get 3,000 Healthpoints (~$20) through their Healthy365 app. 

Enrolment starts 5 July 2023 for those aged 60 years and above.


Vaccination Subsidies

HSG Enrolled Singapore Citizens who fulfil the criteria under the National Adult Immunisation Schedule (NAIS) are eligible for fully subsidised ($0) recommended vaccinations when you visit your Healthier SG clinic. The subsidies include vaccination for flu, pneumococcal, hepatitis B and chickenpox. 


Health Screening Subsidies

Fully subsidised Screen for Life (SFL) programme

For enrolled Singapore Citizens, pay $0 upon visit to your Healthier SG family doctor. 

For permanent residents, an additional consultation fee will be charged accordingly. 

We offer the following National Health Screening Programmes: 

  1. SFL Cervical – PAP smear for women above 25 years old
  2. SFL Chronic illness – Blood test for cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure screen
  3. SFL Colorectal Cancer – at home stool test kit for colon cancer screen
  4. SFL Breast – Mammogram for women above age 50 years old

For more information on the National Screen for Life Programme, click here.


Medication Subsidies

Enrolled CHAS cardholders may benefit from the Healthier SG Chronic Tier subsidy framework. A list of chronic medications similar and at prices comparable to those prescribed and subsidised at polyclinics will be available. 

Our clinics will advise you on whether you will benefit more from this programme, or the current CHAS subsidy tiers. 

*Applies only from early 2024. 


No Co-payment

HSG Enrolled Singapore Citizens with approved chronic conditions can use Medisave to pay for their full treatment at their Healthier SG family physician, up to the Medisave 500/700 withdrawal limit.*

There is no longer the need to co-pay 15% of the bill in cash. 

*Applies only from early 2024.

Book a Comprehensive Screening!

We provide a one-stop service for health screening, blood test and scans.

If you are interested in more comprehensive screening options, check out our Health Screening Packages – with non-fasting, blood tests available from $60. 

Corporate Insurance

Available corporate plans, TPAs and schemes for more accessible healthcare.


We accept subsidies like Medisave, and the following: