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Novavax (Nuvaxovid) Vaccine
Available Daily.
Walk-ins & Bookings accepted
Fully Government Subsidised if you are eligible
(No Payment Required)

Our Geylang East branch is an appointed National Vaccine Provider for Novavax Vaccine.

All vaccines are administed by our resident doctors who can answer your queries prior to your vaccination.

You can find us at 125 Geylang East Ave 1, 01-K1, Singapore 381125

Person Getting Vaccinated

What is novavax?

Novavax is a Non-mRNA vaccine 

It is a protein-based vaccine containing part of the coronavirus spike protein. It does NOT contain live virus and cannot cause a COVID-19 infection.

Those who are medically ineligible to receive the mRNA vaccines SHOULD consider getting Novavax.

Am I Eligible?

You are eligible if you are:


  • 18 years and above & due for your COVID primary or booster shot.

        (Walk ins are accepted)

What if i am COVID recovered?

Yes you may receive Novavax so long as it has been at least 28days since your infection.

What if i took Pfizer/Moderna/Sinovac
/Sinopharm before?

Yes, you may still take Novavax.

  • If you have taken mRNA vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna) you may receive Novavax as booster after 150days.

  • If you have taken a non-mRNA vaccination (Sinovac/Sinopharm), you may receive Novavax as booster after 90days.

The annual Influenza Vaccine is also available in clinic at $35 from Monday-Sundays

Eligible Singaporeans can use Medisave or enjoy Vaccinations Subsidies.

Click to Whatsapp 87840093 to book.

Novavax Booking

To Book Novavax:

If you already have your 10 digit code from MOH:
Otherwise, Book Directly with our Clinic:

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