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A Guide For Health Screening for Women in Singapore

Updated: Jan 29

A guide to Women's Health Screening

Health screening is important for women in Singapore as it allows for early detection of health issues. This, in turn, allows early treatment which leads to better health outcomes for you. Regular screenings such as mammograms for breast cancer and pap smears for cervical cancer are recommended if you are at increased risk. Overall, health screening is an important tool for maintaining good health and preventing the progression of serious health conditions in women.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Singapore. The likelihood of an average woman contracting breast cancer in her life is 5%. This may increase if you have certain risk factors.

How to screen for breast cancer?

  • Regular mammograms are the recommended way to detect breast cancer before lumps can be felt.

  • Breast Self-Examination (BSE) is a breast examination which can be done by a woman herself. This should be done from age 30 and can help women detect changes in their breast that may arise in the interval between regular mammograms.

How often should breast screening be done?

For women in the normal risk groups:



Women above 50 years

Screening every 2 years is recommended