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Blood Test Singapore

Updated: Mar 4

What is a Blood Test used for?

A blood test is a lab analysis of your blood. You may undergo blood tests periodically to track and manage chronic conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol. Alternatively, blood tests can also be used for routine medical check ups.

Blood tests can be categorized into tests such as:

  • Hormone Blood Test (such as Testosterone and Estrogen)

  • Full Blood Count Test (which may be useful for indicating certain blood disorders such as anaemia)

  • Function Test (such as the Liver Function Test, which indicates how healthy your liver is)

  • Disease Specific Blood Test (such as the Dengue Blood Test, which indicates if you may be infected with the dengue virus)

How much does a Blood Test cost in Singapore?

At Advantage Medical Group, we have 4 clinics island wide. You may view our various health screening packages here. Our basic package starts from $60 before GST. You may also talk to our doctor if there are certain tests you would like to add on.


The following are prices of our Executive Health Screening Packages.


Price (Before GST)





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