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Urine FEME

What is Urine FEME?

Urine FEME, or Urine Full Examination and Microscopic Examination, is a laboratory test that involves analyzing a urine sample to evaluate various parameters, such as its physical, chemical, and microscopic properties. This test is also known as Urinalysis or Urine Routine and Microscopy (URM).

Urine FEME: Collecting urine for examination
Urine FEME: Collecting urine for examination

What does a Urine FEME test for?

During a urine FEME, your urine is analyzed for the following properties:

  • Physical properties: This includes aspects like color, appearance (clear or cloudy), and specific gravity (a measure of urine concentration).

  • Chemical properties: This involves testing for various chemicals, such as glucose, proteins, red and white blood cells, ketones, bilirubin, and nitrites.

  • Microscopic examination: A small portion of the urine is examined under a microscope to identify and count various components, such as cells, bacteria, crystals, and casts (tube-shaped structures that can form in the kidneys).

How can Urine FEME help?

Urine FEME can help in several ways:

  • Diagnosis: It can help in diagnosing various diseases and conditions that affect the kidneys, urinary tract, and other body systems.

  • Monitoring: The test can be used to monitor the progress of a disease or the effectiveness of a treatment plan. For example, it can be used to assess the effectiveness of medications for diabetes or hypertension, or to check kidney function during treatment for kidney diseases.

  • Screening: Urine FEME can be used as part of a routine health check-up to screen for potential health issues, even if a person does not have any symptoms. Early detection of some conditions can lead to more effective treatment and better outcomes.

Where to do a Urine FEME in Singapore?

You may do a Urine FEME test at any of our 4 islandwide clinics located around Singapore.

Please contact us through Phone or WhatsApp at 87840093. Our friendly staff will help to arrange an appointment for you.

Health Screening Packages with Urine FEME

You may also be keen for a routine or comprehensive health screening. All of Advantage Medical’s health screening packages come with Urine Feme tests. Our health screening packages start from $60 for the Basic package.

Please contact us through Phone or WhatsApp at 87840093. Our friendly staff will help to arrange an appointment for you.

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