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Screen For Life (SFL)

Singapore's National Health Screening Programmes

Simple. Affordable.
Screen For Life (SFL) is a national screening programme that encourages Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents to go for regular health screening and follow up. After subsidies, Singapore citizens pay $0 to $5 per screening visit.

Other subsidised rates apply for Permanent Residents.
Your eligibility depends on your age, gender and pre-existing conditions.

Not sure if your are eligible?

Screen For Life (SFL) Screening

Health Screen

Includes Screen for:

- Diabetes & Cholesterol 

- Blood Pressure & BMI

*For eligible citizens >40years

Stool Test 

Mail out your stool sample to screen for Colon Cancer. Pick Up your test kit at our clinics.

*For eligible citizens >50 years

PAP Smear

Our Doctors can help perform a PAP smear for cervical cancer screening.

*for eligible women >25years

Comprehensive. Convenient. Results within 72hours
If you are not eligible for SFL or if you want more comprehensive screening check out our available health screening packages below starting from $60 NETT. Non-Fasting Options Available.

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