Women’s Health Screening Package Singapore

Looking for female health screening packages? Or do you have a preference for a female doctor or female family physician for your women’s health enquiries? Look no further. At Advantage Medical Group Singapore, we are conveniently located around 4 islandwide locations for your convenience.

What’s the Best Women’s Health Screening Package for me?

Truthfully, there is no one best health screening package for anyone. A health screening is ideally catered to an individual based on one’s age, personal and family history as well as one’s risk factors.

If you would like more information or are unsure what tests are suitable for you, please arrange for a consultation with our friendly doctor. You may also request for a female doctor.

What are some of the recommended guidelines for Women Cancer Screening?

Breast cancer is the most common female cancer in Singapore.

Age​Recommended Cancer Screening Frequency
​Above 50​Go for your mammogram screening once every two years unless your doctor advises otherwise.
​40 to 49​Go for your mammogram screening once every year.
​Below 40Mammogram screening is not recommended.

However, if you experience any symptoms at any ages, please consult a doctor for medical advice. Above guidelines adapted from Singapore Cancer Society.

What are the women related health screening tests you have?

For Women’s Health Screening Tests, we have / or are able to refer the following tests:

Ultrasound Breast$110
PAP Smear$60
HPV Test$200
Cancer Tumour Marker Tests (Breasts / Ovaries)$35

Prices are subject to GST.

Women’s Health Screening Package Prices

Our Packages start from $60 for a Basic Screening Package. For Female Health Screening Packages, please see the following price table.

​Women’s Wellness​$468
Ultimate Package$1188

How can I book a Women Health Screening package?

Please contact us through Phone or WhatsApp at 87840093. Our friendly staff will help to arrange an appointment for you.