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Get Vaccinated against HPV (Human Papilloma Virus )

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from $120

What types of vaccines are available?

We have 2 Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccines.

1) Cervarix: 2 in 1

(i.e HPV 2 with protection against HPV strains 16 & 18)

*Eligible SCs and PRs will receive subsidies under National Adult Immunisation Schedule. Copayments can be charged to your Medisave on Request.

2) Garsadil 9: 9 in 1

Protects againsts HPV strains 16 & 18 plus seven other strains linked to anogenital warts.

Who should be vaccinated?

HPV vaccinations are routinely recommended to girls from the age of 11 up to 26 years old. In general, early vaccination is recommended as it is most useful when administered before an individual becomes sexually active.

*Health Fact: Men can also benefit from HPV vaccination as HPV infections have also been linked to penile, anal and oral cancers.

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