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X-Ray Clinic

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One stop solution for your X-Ray needs in our Sixth Avenue Clinic

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X-Rays are used extensively in healthcare to examine different parts of the body and diagnose a variety of conditions. At our X-ray clinic in Singapore, we employ this non-invasive procedure to safely and effectively visualize the structures within your body, from bones and teeth to organs like the lungs and heart.

An X-ray works by passing a controlled amount of X-ray radiation through the body, with different tissues absorbing these rays to varying extents. The result is a detailed image that allows medical professionals to identify and treat health concerns with unprecedented accuracy.

X-Ray Prices


X-Ray Type
All other X-Rays
Please enquire
Bone Age Test for Children
Chest X-Ray (Without Film)
Ankle X-Ray
From $45
Foot X-Ray
From $45
Shoulder X-Ray
Wrist X-Ray (2 views)
Knee X-Ray (2 views)

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X-Rays for ICA/LTA/MOM requirements

We provide a one-stop service for checkups pertaining to Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA), Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Land Transport Authority (LTA) forms.

Vocational License & Renewal of Aged Drivers License

Domestic Workers, Work Permit, S-Pass, Employment Pass & Dependent Pass Checks

Long Term Visit Pass, Permanent Resident & Student Pass Checkups

Pre-Employment, Security, Pre-school/ECDA Checkups

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